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Melia is the perfect partner to help you step back from the complexity and distractions of our busy working lives and working relationships to focus on what is most important to you, and then to set out a series of simple actions to ensure you are the best prepared you can be to achieve your professional goals.





Venture Capital Fund

Melia's coaching was very insightful and efficient. I had the pleasure of having Melia as my coach over 10 months during my Executive MBA at Cambridge University. At every session she provided me with really great and useful tools for self-improvement. She is very practical, personable and ready to share her own experience. I would definitely recommend her as a coach for any young professional!

Natalia Nguyen




Deloitte Consulting

Melia coached me for a year during my time with the New Entrepreneur Foundation. Our sessions allowed me to take a step back from a busy day and work through challenges in a structured manner and approach them from a different perspective. We worked on action points that were thoroughly helpful as an entrepreneur - in order to take steps towards my short and long term goals. I thoroughly recommend Melia as a coach!

Ben Curtis




Hobby Store Group

I have worked with Melia for over a year and during this time I’ve learned how to communicate clearly and approach difficult situations and most importantly learned to recognise both my own backstop, and when my loyalty has been misguided. As a coach, she helped me to reflect and identify areas for improvement. She has created a safe, yet challenging coaching environment whilst always taking the time to stay current and focused on the specifics of how I can improve. She is insightful and able to analyse the key issues by listening to what was being said; as well as unsaid, and asking penetrating questions. As a result, I have been able to pinpoint areas for change, think through different approaches, and then focus on taking action. Her background and experience is pertinent, and sets her apart from other coaches. Having such a true professional, definitely has given me the superpowers. I cannot recommend her enough.

Julie Kekwick


Senior Manager


BBC Studios

Thanks to Melia, I was able to successfully navigate a salary increase conversation. She has both the passion and the talent for helping people understand and get what they want. I am so appreciative for her dedication, knowledge, and empathy. Melia is kickass and will change your career!

Nikki Werner


VP Project Management



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